Mark McDermott

Software Engineering Student & Web Developer With Grit




















Learning Now



First Community

Redesign - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery (for BancVue)

Solvay Bank

Redesign - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery (for BancVue)

STC Capital

Redesign - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery (for BancVue)

Seattle Bank

Refresh - CSS, JavaScript, jQuery (for BancVue)

Freedom Road

Banner - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery (for BancVue)

Iberia Bank

Search Widget - JavaScript, jQuery (for BancVue)


A Passion
For Web Development

Bringing great user experiences from conception to code to clients is my bread and butter. Web development to me means a commitment to successfully balance rapid development, client satisfaction and future maintainability and scalability. I focus on writing clean, human readable and well documented code.

I study modern web development techniques and always strive to stay up to date with quickly changing technologies. Everything I build is responsive, cross browser tested and built for speed. I use SVN and Git for version control. I use Sublime Text for my main text editor, but I also like Vi. I have worked with Windows, Macs and Linux.

Always Learning

Quickly learning and adapting is of course a must in web development today. I don't know everything, but I try to fill in the gaps in my knowledge quickly. My favorite resource is O'Reilly books. I'm currently working my way through O'Reilly's HTML5 Canvas by Fulton and Fulton and building a small webapp on the MEAN stack (mongo, express, angular and node). I'm also a big fan of Mozilla Developer Network's documentation and also random blog tutorials and youtube tutorial videos. I use HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript and jQuery everyday. I'm currently working on some JavaScript code that interfaces with Flickr's API. I'm also currently studying object oriented JavaScript, trying to implement a more modular approach to my JavaScript and to also use prototypal inheritance. I also know enough PHP and MySQL to be a little dangerous in that area.

Lately I have been working hard learning Node, Angular and React. I view programming like playing a musical instrument - to really improve your chops, you've got to sweat a bit and work hard at it every day. The blood and tears pay off in those moments when you can finally understand someone's code that was previously just jibberish to you or when you realize you're writing code that you could never write before.

Six Years Experience

I have worked for both small and large companies - S Collective, uShip and BancVue. In those years I did a lot of front end tech work. In the past year, I've been taking prerequisite courses for a software engineering masters at Texas State University. This semester I'm taking compilers, unix, computer architecture and discrete math.

When I'm not working on my coding chops, I love hiking Austin trails, going to electronic music shows, reading, running and spending time with my girlfriend, her dog and my family.